Gd morn,


“The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge” ~Stephen Hawkings.

“You may think you know, but what you don’t know is that what you think you know is outdated and/or not relevant”.

“The Beauty of a Woman is not Determined by a Spotless face; True Beauty is an Outward Reflection of the Soul(Mind). It is the Expression of Her Thoughts, Passion and Inner Being”

Food is Critical for ALL Growth.

For Mind Power “Eat Healthy”…Especially Blueberries

Scientists say that eating blueberries trigger brain cell growth. In an Experiment 19-month-old rats were put on a blueberry enriched diet (almost 1 cup full daily). The rats that were fed the blueberries were more successful in navigating through mazes. Dye was injected into the rats, to track the growth of neurons. They found new brain cells grew in the hippocampus region.

“All you know is all you have learnt; All you have learnt is not all there is to learn”

To Develop a PowerFULL Mind …Also Practice “Less is More”

Dr Chapman opines that to get the best productivity and results from your brain, less can often be better than more.

E.g, rather than cram your brain with too much information, try working with less but aim to concentrate on the key facts or issues being dealt with. Pick out key points then allow your Mind’s Creative Powers to work with that material.

Strip away the fuss and the unnecessary from your schedule to allow some Great Thinking space for your Mind.

Most Importantly “Consolidate facts and options into big ideas and perspectives and cultivate Creative Thinking and problem solving skills”

“If you do not Master your Thoughts and Mind, you will be Enslaved by it.”


“The Catalyst”