Gd Morn,


“Renew Your Mind”~ Romans 12:2

Exercise Regularly

Science now shows that Physical Exercise is important and essential in the growth of brain cells and healthy nerve connections.

“A weak Mind Creates a weak Life; An idle Mind a useless Life”

According to Neuropsychologist Dr. Bernard Croisile you can develop your Mind Power through these 5 Mind Exercises.

1- Memory
Memory plays a crucial role in all cognitive activities.
To maintain a good memory, you need to train for it.
Listen to music, memorize lyrics, to boost levels of acetylcholine, that builds brain and memory skills. Do this Everywhere; shower, while brushing or getting dressed etc.

2- Attention
Good attention enables you to maintain concentration despite noise and distractions.
For attention improvement change your regular routines; Change your route to work, reorganize your desk, reposition your furniture regularly to jump start your brain for new ways of thinking.

“If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine; it is lethal”
~Paulo Coelho

3- Language
Take Language exercises, improve your fluency, grammatical skills, vocabulary and word count.
Read different kinds of books, mags & articles. These expose you to new words, read in context to make easier understanding.

4- Visual-Spatial
We live in a 3D colorful world.
Whenever you walk into a room pick out 5 items and their locations. On exit, recall all 5 items and their locations. Try again 2 hours after.
Always note everything you can see in front of you and in your peripheral vision. Try to recall everything and write it down. Without this old age weans your memory recall.

5- Logic and Reasoning
Get involved with activities that define a strategy to achieve a goal.
Be Solution Minded. Play social interaction and video games.


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