Gd Morn,

I BElieve that:

“When Your Desire for something is Intense enough; You are Consumed by the Desire for it; You Prepare/Plan for it; You BElieve you Deserve it….Simply Ask (Talk about it) and You Shall Receive; Knock and You Shall Open; Seek and You Shall Find. Its only a matter of State and Time”.

~ Frank Lampard (Chelsea Capt – Winning the Champions League)

“Blessed is she who Believed, for there will be a fulfilment of those things which were told her from the Lord.”
~ Luke 1:45

“IF only you Believe then ALL things are Possible to him that Believes”
~Mark 9:23

“Any faith that makes God solely responsible for your change is an irresponsible faith.”
~ David Oyedepo

“Anything is Possible when you BElieve, Prepare and Take Appropriate Action”

Today and Everyday Dare To BE & DO:



“The Catalyst”