Gd Morn,

According to My man Dr Bob

“Resentment and Bitterness keeps you on the sidelines, living a mediocre life”.

So what if you can’t do what others can do?

Find ‘your own’ passion and thrive in it!

“You can ‘ONLY’ Experience True Success and Joy when you’re being the BEST Version of YOU”

Avoid envy of others for what they have, achieved or become.

Don’t be covetous ‘Be Content’.
See yourself as you are in the Future ‘NOW’.
BE who you are; SEE what you have and FEEL where you are ‘NOW’ to ACTUALIZE IT.
You ‘ALREADY ARE’ who you Dream to BE !!

…Treat and Carry Yourself as Such

Find your Niche and Natural Habitat…

“If you are Good at Something…You Owe it to Yourself to Pursue it”…..

“Dream BIG……..Irrespective Continue Dreaming”

Don’t give up on yourself or your Dreams; You Never know how the Lord will Bless you.

You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks….better keep biscuits and go.” …
~ Katharnavas

BE ALL You Were Wired to BE.



“The Catalyst