I.T.C is a skilful integration and deployment of allopathic and complementary tools, methodologies, techniques and complementary interventions based in Coaching, Neuro-science, Psychodynamics, Positive Psychology, Systems Dynamics, Meta Health, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Matrix Re-imprinting etc.; ITC moves you RAPIDLY and PERMANENTLY from where you currently are to where you deserve and desire to be.

I.T.C is a Premium Integrative & Transformative Catalysis Intervention created for individuals, couples, families, groups of varying sizes and organization. Integrative meaning a seamless Combination of Several interventions to create an effective system. Transformative meaning Something, that Rapidly and Permanently Inspires Change or Causes a Shift. I.T.C Illuminates blind and dark spots hindering you from progressing; Gives you Super Clarity and Direction; Solves Knotty or Complex Problems; Rapidly Delivers you from age-long Psychological, Emotional, Physical, Relational, Environmental and even Spiritual Captivity.

You don’t have to remain in that place, doing the same things over and over again expecting a different result. Over the years, ITC has caused phenomenal and instant shifts in the minds and lives of every client and also empowered them to take the BIG Leap into their desired future and LIVE their BEST Lives. “Progress can ONLY occur when people dare to be different”. With I.T.C, you can Transform your Relationship, Marriage, Health, Finance, Career, Business etc. I.T.C helps you gain Clarity, Gain Deeper Understanding of yourself, Heal, transform your thinking, Master your emotions, Make the best decisions, change your beliefs, and Empower you to Be All You Can Be. Each ITC deep dive into your MATRIX is a 90-minute DIET or Session. The MATRIX being the dimension where everything happens and shifts for you.

Engage The Catalyst for your own I.T.C Diet


Even though you’re alive you know you’re not really living, or living your best life.

When you want to manage your time really well, get organized & focused to achieve excellence.

When you want to increase your confidence to be the best that you can possibly be.

When you want to get back on track after being derailed or distracted.

When you’re lost, confused, unsure, unclear, stuck, bewildered, disoriented or perplexed.

When you know you want something different, but find it hard to say what the “different” is.

When your time & energy is spent mostly to please others and you’re not doing what you want.

When you want to build more meaningful, productive and fulfilling relationships at home or at work.

When you want to get on at work but you’re not sure how to progress.

When you feel at crossroads and don’t know which road to take.

When you want to take back control of your life.

When you feel you have no choices in life and you just turn up each day.

When your life feels small & stifling.

When you want new purpose.

Do you have any of this needs?

Benefits of ITC

Regardless of being Statesmen, C-suite executives, Couples, Senior managers or High-profile individuals, using ITC, the Catalyst will take you through a phenomenal TRANSFORMATIONAL experience with 100% guaranteed outcomes.

ITC will HELP you GET:

  • Clarity
  • Deeper Understanding
  • Awareness of Self and others
  • Harmony and Happiness
  • Love
  • Healing and Freedom,
  • Emotional and Stress Mastery
  • Personal Power
  • Positive and Empowering Beliefs
  • More Innovative and Creative
  • Significance
  • Satisfaction and Fulfilment
  • Joy and Peace
  • Progress and Prosperity
  • Peak Performance
  • More Productive and Profitable

ITC Knowledge Foundation

The Catalyst uses very powerful tools, methodologies, and interventions adopted from these time tested and proven sciences to rapidly diagnose and get to the real root cause of issues; providing instant breakthroughs and permanent solutions for people, organization and nations across Africa.

With almost 2 decades of global studies and experience, the Catalyst works one-on-one with Progressive Nobles, Statesmen, Executives, Senior Managers and High-Profile Clients by; Challenging them to ‘step-up’ their game; Helping them identify and overcome their psychological and emotional barriers and Ultimately fulfil both their professional and personal goals and aspirations.

Life is EVERYTHING; Without Life NOTHING else matters; Your Life’s SUCCESS is solely dependent on you. Using Life Coaching tools and methodologies, the Catalyst helps you look at the 12 Critical Dimensions of your Life through a bird’s eye view so that you can gain awareness, prioritize everything that really matters in your Life, transform these insights into action, learn and ultimately master your own life.

The Catalyst’s deep understanding about the power, influence and danger of Emotions and Beliefs is very key to his success over the years. Using his ingenious and transformational ESP model plus his equation R=E(D+A), adopted from EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and Matrix Re-imprinting two of the 21st century’s most Powerful and Transformational Interventions, he is able to quickly; breakdown and heal age long Dis-Ease developed from Deadly Emotions/Stress; Deliver you from Past Traumas; Give you Psychological FREEDOM; Get you UNSTUCK and moving in the right direction again towards the future of your dreams.

Using his DAME model, the Catalyst delivers Optimal Living in 5 Critical Steps:

  1. IDENTITY: First the Catalyst helps you; Discover Who and What you are; Become the Solution you were created to be; Connect with the problem you were born to solve. Thereby attaining the highest level of Significance and Value here on earth. Our IDENTITY Sessions Re-introduces you to your Authentic and Original Self while helping you build a healthy Self-Worth, Self-Confidence, Self-Belief and Self-Assurance.
  2. VISION: Together we will Create your Life Vision and the Essence for your Existence. Without a Life Vision Life, itself has no real meaning and direction. Your Life Vision gives you clarity and becomes the Compass that points you in the direction of your true North. Our VISION Sessions give you Safety, Comfort and Peace.
  3. AWARENESS & INSIGHT: The next stage in our process is to help you discover your strengths, core values, weaknesses, negative, limiting and disempowering beliefs, psychological and emotional blockages, behavioural and habitual patterns, programs and paradigms that you need to unlearn and change. With our AWARENESS & INSIGHT sessions, you start to feel like you’re back in charge and better equipped to focus on your Locus of Control.
  4. ACTION: Without taking the right action at the right time success is an Illusion. At this stage, we work with you to create a bespoke roadmap to get you to from where you currently are to where you desire, deserve and are designed to be faster than you can all by yourself. Our ACTION sessions get you moving consistently and rapidly towards your True North. The catalyst’s ITC signature gives your personal power as it helps you learn, evolve, grow, master and daily skilfully use our range of Integrative Life Transforming tools from the practices of Neuroscience, Positive Psychology, Psychodynamics, Coaching etc., to take full control of your life, career, relationships, environment and events around you.
  5. Our MASTERY sessions give you the well-deserved feeling of Life Autonomy, when you can rightfully say that NOBODY and NOTHING else but YOU is seated, in the DRIVING SEAT of your own DESTINY.