Gd morn,

The Year is not over yet. This can be the beginning of the year for you; As it is for me. I Pray that we ALL Pursue, Over take and Recover ALL that we May have lost thus far for Various reasons (Fear, Lack of Resources, Procrastination etc)

I Declare Speedy Execution Through The 7 Spirits of the Lord, Which NOW Rests Upon and Manifest Through us ALL.

In Jesus Name Receive:

1) The Spirit of Wisdom
2) The Spirit of Understanding
3) The Spirit of Counsel
4) The Spirit of Discernment
5) The Spirit of Power and Might
6) The Spirit of knowledge
7) The Spirit of the Fear of the LORD;(Isaiah 11:2)

As you NOW Operate With and Through God’s 7 Spirits; Take Personal Responsibility Also.

Dream BIG – Imagine Your Desired End.

Motivate Yourself – See It, Speak It, Believe and Feel it as Though it is Already Done. This is the STATE to BE in.

Activate Your Gifts (Passion)

Create the V.S.P Alignment Trio – Let Your Desired End (Goal) Align with Your Values and Beliefs.

Identify the Key Winning Steps.

Initiate Action.

Celebrate Your Life Now and Your Achievements Ahead of their Manifestation.

Keep Moving in This STATE.

It’s not how you Start that matters the most; It’s how you Finish.

Welcome to a New Dawn; A New Year.

Yes You Can Start Again. Happy New Year.


“The Catalyst”