Today, Yahoo announced what many are calling “the saddest deal in technology history”. Yahoo, a global digital giant was sold to Verizon for just $5 Billion! Now, you may be thinking, “but $5 billion is a whole lot of money, you can’t say “just’?”  Well, if you used to be a global digital giant once worth $125 billion and get bought over in 2016 for 25 times less than you used to be worth, that can’t be progress can it?
This begs the question, how does an individual or an organization remain a peak performer and maintain relevance in a rapidly developing world? What is the secret and psychology of staying at the top and not just being a has been?
In this vintage episode of my show, Be All You Can Be, I discuss with Life Coach & Peak Performance Expert, Ade Adefemi aka Triple A  on ” The 24 Laws of Consistent Peak Performance”, watch the video below. 

Remember, the day your yesterday becomes greater than your today, is the day you begin to die. Celebrate your achievements, trash them and move on to do even bigger things. 

The Catalyst, Lanre Olusola