Gd Morn,

I Believe that:

“It is in Crisis that our True CHARACTER is Revealed”.

“Tests, Trials, Exams (Aka Crisis) are Indications that Your Promotion is Round the Corner; IF you Pass, You’re Promoted; IF you Fail, you Repeat the Entire Experience”

“We MUST Learn from Every Experience; However Our Learning, is even Better Turned into CHARACTER”.

“Pure Gold Emerges ‘only’ from Intense Fire; The More Purged of Impurities I.e Purer, it is; The Higher its CARAT(CHARACTER) and VALUE “

“Increase Your VALUE by Improving Your CHARACTER”

“We are ‘Really’ what we are in the dark; All the rest is reputation. What God looks at and works on is what we are in the dark”.

“CHARACTER is Formed by the Imaginations of our Minds; the Thoughts and Desires of our heart and also our Habits”

The Tests God Allows, are not meant to Teach us BUT to Make us.

 “The loss of gold is much, the loss of time is more, but the loss of honour such a loss as no man can restore”
~ unknown author


“The Catalyst