IN MY HEAD at 4:42am, 5th NOVEMBER

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I have the rare privilege of waking up approximately 30,000 feet above the sea level in an airplane flying over Johannesburg 

I’m closer to heaven than I normally am every other morning

Today has to be special !!! 

As I wake up and open my eyes I see the sun rise over Southern Africa.

It’s 4.42am by my watch and it’s a bright beautiful sunny morning 

A different Feeling from yesterday’s gloom
Wow !!! 

What variances, blessings and opportunities each new day brings 

I wonder what the whole day will be like today

I  God for His Mercy which singularly woke me up, as I reflect on the fact that not everyone will have the privilege to wake up alive today

I can’t wait to get off the plane to speak to my wife and tell her that I arrived safely and to find out how my girls are doing

I pray that all goes well for me, my family, my friends and everyone that is dear to me today

I pray that the Grace and Favour of God will be upon us all today 

Of a truth based on my view from the airplane window, I Affirm to myself; I Arise and Shine for my Light is Come and the Glory of The Lord is Risen upon me 

I Love Life and the Diversity that each new day brings

I Love my Life as is

My day’s experience(s) depends on how I wake up and what I see

This morning, I literarily Feel Free to Fly afterall I’m actually Flying

I Choose  to say that Today is my day and all is well with me and all my loved ones including YOU reading this post

in Jesus Name ,  Amen #AffirmYourLife  #TheCatalyst