Gd morn,

“God is able to do Far Exceedingly Abundantly Above that which you can Ask, Think and Imagine, According to the Power that Works Within you”
~Ephesians 3: 20

It is said that:

An Image Speaks a thousand Words.
Your Imagination (Image Centre) is therefore Very Powerful.

Your Imagination is the Source of ALL Ideas (Ipad, Boeing, Titanic, Internet, Gsm etc)

Your Thoughts Generate approximately 10 watts of Power and Vibrational Energy, which can be Transmitted to a distance of 8 meters from your Mind.

Your Thought Vibrational Energy, Activates it’s Complement Emotional Energy from your Heart, an Approximate of 4 Watts of Power.

These 2 Combined Energies (Thought and Emotional) Create a Force Field that Activates your Neurons, Cells, Organs, Muscles in Accordance with their Kind of Energy.

You Process Averagely 60,000 thoughts daily.

Unfortunately Approximately

70% of your Daily Thoughts are Negative, Limiting, Disempowering Repeated Thoughts. This is your Default Program.

Our Thoughts Attract their Kind and Create Their Complementary Experiences.

You ‘CANNOT NOT’ Think Negatively; You can ‘ONLY’ Replace Thoughts.

Don’t Think about that ‘RED ELEPHANT’

How did you do with that exercise?

You have Two Minds. The Conscious and Unconscious.

Your Conscious Mind Controls ONLY 10% of Your Life Dynamics and Outcomes;
Your Unconscious Mind Controls the Rest (90%).

Your Conscious Mind Speaks – Its the Word Centre.

Your Unconscious Mind Sees and Feels.
It Is the Image and Feeling Centre; Your Imagination (Spirit) and Heart (Soul). Its the Core of your Being

Each Positive Thought is 100 Times more Powerful than each Negative Thought.

So How on Earth am I Going to Track Every of my 60,000 Thoughts?

You can Track your Thoughts from:

Your facial expressions (Happy, Sad, Smile, Frown etcOur Physiology –

Your Shoulder Muscle Tone (Tensed or relaxed)

How you Feel within (Anxious, Peaceful, Afraid, Bold, Fearless)

Your Walk (With a bounce, a lift, heaviness, slow)

Your Conversations (Use of Words like My Life is Over, I’m Finished, I can, I will, I Must, there’s Hope)

ALL These work as Seed I.e (Thoughts, Words, Physiology, Feelings) and Activate the Law of Attraction, which draws its Kind in the Nature of Ideas, People, Circumstances, Experiences etc, into Our Lives.

The Way We Perceive These Experiences Influence Our Interpretations and Convictions (Beliefs)

Once our Seed (Thoughts, Images, Feelings) Translate into Beliefs; I.e are Planted and Watered; Its too late. The Harvest MUST Manifest as OUTCOMES.

SO Thoughts, Words, Feelings and Beliefs are YOUR REAL & EVIDENT:


“Above ALL Guard your Heart with ALL Diligence from out of it flows ALL the Issues of Life”.
~ Proverbs 4:23

“Do not be Conformed to this World but be Ye Transformed by the Renewal of Your Mind”
~Roman 12:2

Guard your Mind/Heart with the ATTITUDE of GRATITUDE, THANKSGIVING and PRAISE.

Use this R.E.P.L.A.N.T Filter to Sieve your Thoughts, Words and Feelings daily.


Settle this in your Mind/Heart:

“ALL Things Work Together for your Good”

REMEMBER Your Prayers are GENERATED by Your Thoughts, Words and Imaginations BUT are ACTIVATED and EMPOWERED by your Feelings, Beliefs and Physiology (Physical Actions)

You are a Human Magnet. You Attract your World.

BE WISE Today and Every day.