Who are you? 
What’s in a name? 
What do you call yourself?
What do people call you? 
Does it really matter what your name is?

Why Abram to Abraham? Sarai to Sarah, Saul to Paul?
Why did I change my name from Kupoluyi (death takes an eminent person) to Olusola (God makes great and wealthy as it pleases Him)?

To BE All You Were Born To BE:

Imagine if your want to buy a new iPhone in the market what you have in mind is an iPhone X but you go everywhere looking for an iPhone Y would you return with the fulfillment of that acquisition? NO!

Imagine that God sends angels carrying many gifts from heaven to deliver to you but as they land where you are with many other people, instead of calling you your known name, they start calling out and screaming the new divine name God has chosen for you. Will you think you’re the beneficiary and answer the call to blessings or will you ignore because you are still answering your old name? Won’t the angles return disappointed with the unclaimed gifts they came with?

Many years ago, God showed me that revelation that many angels have brought gifts and answers to age-long prayers but when the angels land and call out people’s real divine names many don’t answer. So the angels end up leaving pained with the gifts unclaimed. And the people continue to suffer.

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I talk about why I changed my name to Olusola and other things.

What’s in a name? EVERYTHING!! That’s why God changed people’s names in the Bible. Your words and names frame your world. That which you call yourself, you become. That which you declare, you manifest. Your name influences your Manifestation. What do you declare about yourself? Who do you model your life after? 

In this episode of Kemi Adetiba’s BROTHERHOOD – Ring of Fire, we talked about Grief and Faith. I also share why I changed my surname from Kupoloyi to Olusola. This is also in synergy with our IDENTITY posts over the past few weeks.

So, Olusola is the abridged version or “oluwasola” which means:

“God Almighty made my wealth”

“God Almighty has given me wealth”.

“God Almighty is my wealth”

So “Olú / Olú-Ọ̀rún” I.e “Olorun” “Oluwa” means God, almighty, lord, our God, Supreme God, the owner and controller of the heavens and galaxies. What do you call yourself?

See all the insightful episodes on the BROTHERHOOD Ring of Fire series featuring Fela Durotoye, Kola Oyeneyin, Lynxxx, Jimmy Odukoya and I on Accelerate TV.

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