Before I start, I will like to stress that IDENTITY alone without the complement of other critical life principles can be an all-consuming fire.

We saw it play out in Season 8, when Daenerys went mad with her dragon and destroyed King’s Landing, the capital city of Westeros’, the seat of the Iron Throne and killed everyone in it.

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In Game of Thrones, you either have an original and authentic identity or you’re known as a bastard or slave, for which you live or die.

As Africans, our authentic IDENTITY was stripped from us and we were once labeled slaves. Are we still slaves? My answer is YES. We are still Economically & Psychologically held captive until we all decide that enough is enough and come together as ONE POWERFUL PEOPLE with one IDENTITY to become ALL WE were created to be.

Here are some examples to buttress my point: Most adverts placed by Africans and African companies are now going to Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, CNN etc. Most of our crude oil in Nigeria is exported for refining abroad and bought back to us as diesel, petrol, kerosene etc. Some of our agricultural produce e.g cocoa, are exported to be bought back by us as chocolates.

Even though we were born with an Authentic and Original IDENTITY, we lost it through captivity, challenges, adversity, pressures of life, the deceitfulness of riches, the cares of this world and indeed modern-day slavery.

Our future is in our hands, we however need to look within and become SELF SUSTAINING, meaning we start solving our own problems for ourselves, our own way.

AFRICA, you need your IDENTITY back, but NOBODY is going to give it back, except you resolve to reawaken and take it back.

YOU are AFRICA and AFRICA needs you to BE 100% AFRICAN

The Catalyst.

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