Diverse business group meeting
How do you build a successful business in Nigeria?  Is doing business in Nigeria different from everywhere else? Does the environment affect the success of your business?
We all know that Nigeria is not the poster for an easy nation but guess what, people are still succeeding and making money here. We have billionaires in the country, we have the strongest GDP in the whole of Africa so the question is not “Can you succeed?” but ” How to succeed”-  how to build this successful business that is the craving of every business man/woman.
As someone who ran 8 businesses successfully at the same time,  I believe when I share my little  insight on the topic, it won’t be off base. In this short but very enlightening episode of THE INTERVIEW, I sit down with Paul Foh to tackle this topic and after watching, I believe you will be armed with new weapons to go succeed in the Nigerian business-sphere and anywhere else in the world.
I will love to hear your own tips to building a successful business in Nigeria.
The Catalyst, Lanre Olusola