Gd morn,

In response to my Post Yesterday Izefua writes;

This physical world is merely a world of form. All things already exist in our invisibleness.

Our visions, dreams, seemingly unrealistic thoughts, aspirations, ideas, and desires ARE; Yes they are the invisible part of us that already IS and Exists.

When we focus and think of them deeply enough, when we see, feel, taste and experience them in the stillness of our inner being, we feel in our bodies the intensity of pleasure, energy and passion they generate as though we already live in their days of manifestation.

What then separates us from the creation of this magnificence that we KNOW within us is our Truth and this Can become our reality?

What comes between our invisible magnificence and its manifestation as our reality?
What inhibits the growth of the passion that lies within us?
Having better relationships/family, Having more energy and better health, Living our purpose daily? Having great wealth?

I reckon that to each of us there exist various bridges that we must cross. A cross that we must bare.
However, by observing life and in the wisdom of the Holy Scriptures, I find a common thread weaving through Invisibleness and Form.

The word WILL-INGNESS tugs at my mind!

For, it is Our WILL-INGNESS to engage our selves that gives form to the invisible magnificence within us.

Indeed ALL things already exist.

It is our sole duty to reach for and receive them.

“If you are WILLING and Obedient You Shall eat the good of the land”.

“For it is God that works within us First to WILL and then to DO according to his good pleasure”.

“The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge but rather a lack of WILL”
~Vince Lombardi

What have you tried to birth that you yet struggle with?

What have you NOT BEEN WILLING to do to achieve that goal, change that behaviour, have a better Relationship with your spouse, your self and your children?

How WILLING have you been to Listen more, to your inner self, your spouse, your children, your colleagues, your friends, to Life?

Yes !!! “Listen to Life” !!!!

How WILLING have you been to Empathize, Love more, be more Tolerant, be Patient?

How WILLING have you been to dream, to visualize, to meditate and align your words to your thoughts, values and actions?

How WILLING! How WILLING!! How WILLING!! Are you to deeply embrace Your Life and to ACT?

What would be different if you REV up your WILL-INGNESS to go beyond mere wishes?

What steps are you NOW WILLING to take to give FORM to your invisible realities and experience your magnificence?

Remember, this physical world is merely a world of form.
All things already exist in our invisibleness.
It is Our WILLINGNESS (not wishes) to engage that gives FORM to the invisible magnificence within us.

WILLINGNESS is a key STATE that we MUST Live in to experience change, reinvent ourselves and make progress.

What can you do today to be more WILLING to embrace personal responsibility and live your TRUTH in ALL things?

We Thank the Almighty as WE Receive Grace to WILL and then Do NOW IJN AMEN.


“The Catalyst”