Can you relate to this question? To live your best life NOW, you have to be INTENTIONAL. You may have heard these sayings:

“You are the architect of your life, you build your own foundation and you choose your own bricks” – Anonymous

“You are the captain of your ship; the driver towards your destiny and the master of your own fate” – The Catalyst

“The way you make your bed is the way you will lie in it” – Anonymous

They simply mean that your life is in your hands. Just like the story of Janet, a successful medical doctor, who has done quite well for her age. Despite being very successful, she still felt unfulfilled, undervalued and was craving a more fulfilling life.

The search for a purpose filled life was taking a toll on her, which was beginning to affect her health and her work. Janet decided to seek the help of a life coach on CoachMe during the #BoostYourDoseofDOSE campaign series in August 2018.

Within a month, Janet got the breakthrough she was looking for. She realized that all her life, she had been consumed by an overwhelming drive to be rich which meant that she was suffering in all other critical areas of her life such as home and family, friendships, relationships, spirituality, self esteem, health and well-being, contentment, happiness, fulfillment and peace etc.

When Janet did the Wheel of Life exercise with her life coach on CoachME, she broke down and sobbed like a baby, seeing how bad her life wheel looked. From that point on, she made several decisions and her life significantly transformed from where she was to a much more fulfilling and satisfying place. Janet became very intentional in all the 12 critical areas of her life.

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The Catalyst.