The Future of Nigeria and Africa at large is in the hands of ALL of us at home and away, especially our youth who are the key to our transformation.

For Africa to rise, we must: 
Believe in ourselves 
Regain our sense of IDENTITY and UNITY

Believe in and Nurture our Youth 
Create an enabling environment for every African 
RE-Educate ourselves 
Give our youth a sense of IDENTITY, BELONGING and UNITY

Start to share our HISTORY again, especially from our own perspective. We must tell our own stories by ourselves.

Build our Self Esteem, Confidence and Belief

Encourage ourselves to begin to create African solutions to our African problems

Our Educational and Entrepreneurial System MUST start to: 
Think out of the box and be African solution focused. We need to be in tune with the needs and dynamics of the 21st century and adapt what we learn.

Europe understands the power of unity, hence the European Union and its benefits. Yes we have the African Union but how effective is it? The United States of America got the secret a long time ago, hence the USA.

The future and relevance of any one African nation lies in its own union and unity first, and then the union and unity of Africa. Charity they say begins at home, so I am pleased to announce the “For Africa by Africans” series. With this series, I will share an #AfricanGoodNews i.e a positive and inspirational African sight, sound, statistics or story weekly.

If you have anything profoundly African – an African good news about Africa, an African person or country you’d like me to share, please DM or tag me on any of my social media platforms, @lanreolusola.


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