Happiness is a prize for the brave » For only the brave will face their fears, take them on and overcome them in order to journey determinedly into the lives they earnestly desire.

I realize more than ever that our greatest enemy is not the darkness without, but the darkness within; all wrapped up in a thousand and one fears that hold us firmly down…something that has become the greatest pathology of the modern day man
However, these fears or anxieties are not things to run away from, indeed the seeming peace or respite derived from fleeing or avoidance is only a great illusion as what ails us is within us and can never be run away from. We flee from one angle, only to realize that it faithfully awaits us at the next angle…
These parts of us that more often than not we would rather let sleep on or ignore are the very obstacles that prevent us from becoming whole…complete and fulfilled, truncating our dreams and visions of becoming who we know we ought to be; even as we endlessly justify and rationalize to ourselves why we cannot or will not rise up to the challenge
And so it is that too many of us, silently pine away in lives which in their mediocrity, do no justice to the great potential that lies within each and all…and many thus remain caterpillars in a cocoon or butterflies without wings
But The Lord in His great Love will not allow us to sleep on indefinitely, and much as we may resist facing our true selves, we are now in a multiplicity of ways, being thrust into a full experiencing of all that we are and fear…of strengths and of weaknesses, known and unknown…as all that is dead within each man comes to life through His power..
I believe however, that our greatest help today lies in opening ourselves from within through a firm desire/will for what is good, while seeking and aligning ourselves anew with God’s Will. With each one looking within to prioritize what is eternal, from what is transient. In order words, striving after goals and activities that keep alive the inner flame (which is the ONLY journey of happiness) as this quote says 
“ The path that is best for you is the path that keeps the best of you in play” – The Oaquai
And so I dedicate this poem below to everyone who sees in their minds eye, the grandest visions and dreams for themselves and for their lives, who know somewhere inside that they can be, have and give much more than their current realities make believe, and urge you to let go of your fears and set your spirit free… keep the faith, keep up and be consistent with the efforts and never ever give up…this may not be easy but it will always be worth it. 
A laurel wreath to all the brave,
For they it is that dare to live
pushing past tears, pains and fears
to pursue and live the dreams 
they in their hearts conceive

Happiness is a prize for the brave
And only they do truly live
Ready to alone step into the unknown
And follow the paths that they’ve been shown
They it is who shall possess The Land – 
The land of the promised
For those lost but now found!
– Maryanne (2009)