Gd Morn,

This GOOD FRIDAY the Almighty God Declares concerning YOU:

“For I Know the plans I have for you,” says the LORD. “They are Plans for GOOD and not for disaster, to Give You a GREAT FUTURE and a HOPE.”
~Jeremiah 29:11

It is obvious that God didn’t just Create you but Created you with GOOD and Well Laid out Plans for Your Life.

In His GOOD Plans for Your Life, there are only two parties involved; YOU and GOD. Nowhere is the devil mentioned.

God is the Producer and Director of Your Life; You are the Actor.

The Producer and Director, Determine the film crew in every movie.

The Truth is this; God has already written the script to your life, only you can choose what role the devil will play in it.
I advice you to take charge, resist the devil and give him no role to play.
~Ephesians 4:27

Stop giving relevance to the devil in your life, he’s too small and irrelevant to derail the Almighty’s GOOD plans for your life.
~Wole Olusola

The GOOD thing about Every GOOD film is that the ACTOR is the STAR of the film.

In the film of your Life:

You are Therefore the LIGHT of the World.
You are the SALT of the Earth.
You are a CITY Set upon a Hill.
You are THE STAR.

Its now in your hands.

On this GOOD Friday May ‘ONLY’ GOD and Good Manifest in Your Life as You Take Charge of Your Role and Skillfully ACT it out.


Happy Easter.

“The Catalyst”