Gd Morn,

Excellence is:

When a Street Sweeper, Sweeps streets with Dignity, Passion and Commitment just Like Michelangelo Painted; Beethoven composed and played music; Shakespeare wrote poetry.

When he Sweeps streets so well that all the host of heaven and earth, PAUSE to ACKNOWLEDGE him, and Say there lived a Great street sweeper who did his job Excellently.

Can this be Said about you and About how you do what you do?

I Believe that “None of us will ever accomplish anything Excellent except when we Listen to the Whisper, that Inner Voice and Leading Within.”

“One of the saddest lines in the world is, ‘Oh come now – be Realistic.’ The best parts of this world were not fashioned by those who were realistic. They were fashioned by those who dared to look hard at their wishes and gave them horses to ride.”
~ Richard Nelson Bolles

“The secret of Excellence is to Do what you Love, and Love what you Do Intentionally, Purposefully and Everyday”.


“The Catalyst”