Gd Morn,

The Pharisees and Saducees – The Most Learned and Powerful Men of their Time.

The Military Rulers – Pontius Pilate, his Generals and Advisers.

ALL the Other Stakeholders – Satan Being Their Leader.

ALL the Nails that Fastened him to the Cross.

The Tomb, the Stone that Covered the Tomb entrance. The Soldiers that were on Guard.


Couldn’t Stop JESUS From Fulfilling His Mandate to SAVE US, to BE Our Substitute and To Release Unto us the Same Spirit that SET HIM FREE.

Today; That Same Spirit and Power is Available for you.

You can BREAK FREE From ALL Bondage.

Just Accept His Finished Work.
Invite Him into Your Life.
Activate that Power from Within.


Jesus I Thank you for Dying for me.
Holy Spirit I Invite you into my Life.
I Break FREE from Everything that held me down in the past.
I am FREE.
In Jesus Name.


“The Catalyst”