Gd Morn,

Still on this Issue of Love.

According to Izefua;

“On the journey called Life I walk down the aisle to my own stage of life”.

My eyes beam with a smile so bright, from the Light of Divine Love and Hope that shines from Deep within me.

As a little child that I am, I see the scenes and read my script on this stage called life.

I dance, I laugh, I cringe in pain, and sometimes I even cry, as I experience this Gift called Life.

Life happens to ALL, sometimes I am fragmented or so I thought.

Sometimes I am Strong and Resilient, I make no excuses as I find myself in warm embrace of the real me from within; Yes! I engage the “Power Within”, inspite of the environment without.

I Realize that I am Fearfully and Wonderfully Made; I am Purposefully Hand Crafted; I am Whole and Prepared for my Role in Life.

Even though I may have challenges, on this Life’s Voyage.
I remain open, thought-FULL and aware, of the many Lessons Life teaches daily.

My Faith, Family, Wholeness, Security, Peace, Passions, Freedom and Life, I hold very dear.

The Law of Kindness Rules my heart.
I View my world through the eyes of Love.
I Live Purposefully as I Choose to Serve.
I Know I am Wired to be a Solution to and a Blessing to Humanity.
I Remain Humble and Compassionate.
My Life is a Gift.
I am not afraid to Live and be Vulnerable; In this I find Stability.

As each day ends, I still stand like a beacon at night, beaming with Light, Tranquillity, Peace, Joy, and Love Divine;

I am FREE….

To Live…

To Love ….


To BE…..

This is the Essence of Life….


“The Catalyst”