Engraced Flyer

Tomorrow at 3pm at No 3 Montgomery street Yaba

The Catalyst – Lanre Olusola, together with Pastor Wole Olusola and Special Guest Eniola Fayose  will be Praying in Agreement with others to release the Power of God that will speeded up the release of our Sisters from the hands of the kidnappers

There is NOTHING Impossible for God and His promise is that just as He released the children of Israel from captivity after 430 years in Egypt, if we stand together spiritually and physically in one place at the same time and call out to Him Believing that He will do it, He will do it

So let us Attend Engraced4Power tomorrow where the Power of God will be Released to facilitate the freedom of our Sisters from the hands of the kidnappers and also for your personal release from Anything that is holding you bound;  Stopping you from Maximizing your Potential and Being All That God Created You to Be.

Be social, come with someone.
NOTE:  no Nigerian time we begin at 3pm prompt