Effortless ease it’s the life of the lilies
The life of the sparrow, hummingbirds and swallows
Where a seed is sown yet great trees are grown
It’s the life of a crop; it evolves yet we’re uninvolved
If He indeed cares for them, how much more for men
The mother and a sucking child, it’s the father and I
The life of the ages to come, of him who was, is and is to come
Before whom men bow down, kings cast their crowns

A life for His pleasure, it’s a life of true leisure
From works I now resign, for His Grace so divine
All offers I now decline, for His pattern, for His Design

No longer will I drive, on his wind will I rely
No longer will I steer, he is the pioneer, life’s engineer
So recline your chair, let the captain take you there
Where the oceans roar, where the eagles soar
Let the ship only go, wherever the wind blows
Where no moth can corrupt where I give no thought  
It’s my life but His turf; I watch it as it evolves
Come enter his rest, all who thirst, come be refreshed
Oh my soul, why worry? The King will never tarry
He may be 4 days behind yet He is right on-time
Have no thought for raiment or for your bills and payments
It’s the Life of the lilies, it unfolds with effortless ease
Carry with you this consciousness, wear it like an ornament
Make it your meditation, yes your daily confession
“My Life unfolds like the lilies; it manifests with effortless ease”

Bankole Williams