Gd morn,

Inspired by my good friend and Brand Expert Mr Charles Otudor

To SUCCEED you MUST “Live within your Means”.

Learning to Abase and Abound; Coupled with Contentment, Delayed Gratification and Humility is Key to SUCCESS.

Kill the Spirit of Covetousness and Competition

Because they have it; I Must also have it: Because they do it; I Must also do it.

Hmmmmmmm…….Do you Really Need it ?

Although, Warren Buffet owns the largest private jet manufacturing firm in the US.

He has NEVER owned one, NEITHER has he ever flown in one.

According to him

“Everyone who says they need a private jet to make important appointments is a liar”.

“They need it for their ego. Name one of them busier than I am, who owns more US Corporations than I do”.

“I travel constantly across the US and the world in commercial jetliners, live in the same house since the 70s, still buy $9 ties and $75 suits and still drive my 22 year old immaculately maintained Lincoln”.

Buffet is one of the RICHEST and Most SUCCESSFUL men in the World; He has been for over a Decade.

A Lot of People’s ‘Over the Top’s Lifestyles are simply ego driven – Ego is an Enemy of SUCCESS

Beat it; Ask Yourself often:

Why am I doing this ?
Why do I really want this?

“The Reason why you do what you do; Want what you want, is more important than what you do and want”


“The Catalyst”