Affirmations Album
Affirmations Album
I have written a special Discipline  Affirmations for you, let’s take them  together; (Say them out loud) 
I am DISCIPLINED it helps me “Be All That I Was Born To Be”
DISCIPLINE Gives me Willpower and Self-control.
With DISCIPLINE I go far and I fly high 
With DISCIPLINE I can go all the way
With DISCIPLINE I am committed to Unlearn, Learn and Re-Learn
With Self – Control and Self-Discipline I have power over my life.
With Self Control and Self-Discipline I stay motivated
With Discipline my goals are established
With DISCIPLINE I become who I deserve and want to be
DISCIPLINE Releases me from my restraints and sets me off along my path to SUCCESS
With DISCIPLINE I attain Genuine Self Respect, Dignity and Truth
DISCIPLINE makes me more Aware and Consistent
With DISCIPLINE, I Genuinely Care, Love and Sacrifice
DISCIPLINE makes me Self Driven and Principled
DISCIPLINE saves me from embarrassment and Honors me
With DISCIPLINE I have become a man/woman of integrity.
Remember: Your words, create your world.
The Catalyst, Lanre Olusola