Depression, death and suicide are heavily linked together. Again just last week, we were suddenly jolted to the reality of depression, hopelessness and how it leads to suicide.

Olisa Nwakobi,  just like many of us was a husband, son, uncle and father of a 10 year old who until his death was a banker.  To many, he would seem successful, unfortunately he shot himself dead in front of a priest over a bad bank loan.

Wow! What will cause a grown man like this to kill himself? The answer is in a 10 letter word spelt DEPRESSION!  “May this not be my portion in Jesus name” many will praying right now. But prayer alone can’t attack this silent killer; the right action has to be taken in time to get help for anyone who is suffering from depression and hopelessness.

I was having a conversation with 2 gentlemen yesterday and one vehemently said that depression and suicide was for the weak. Did Olisa kill himself because he was weak? Did he kill himself because he was afraid, stressed and ashamed of the repercussions of some past actions he took?

Was he under too much pressure that made him cave? Who is to blame for his demise, his family – wife, mum, brother or friends? Who could have bailed him out of his predicament and given him hope and a reason to live?
What does Life really mean to us? At the time of his death, life obviously meant nothing again to Olisa.  Olisa took his Life with a small bullet- how much does a bullet actually cost?

But before anyone gets to that point where he takes his own life – He cries out LOUD several times for help. So did Olisa try to reach out for help? Did he show signs of darkness, hopelessness and impending doom? Were those cries for help ignored by people around him that seemed to be focused only on their own stuff?

Olisa Nwakobi
Olisa Nwakobi

Did he cry out for help by posting several messages on his dp “The New Platform” for suicide notes and messages?  Did anyone think anything of his messages especially in the last week preceding his suicide? Could his life have been salvaged if more care and attention was given and if his friends and family ensured that Olisa saw a Life coach, psychotherapist, a psychiatrist or a true professional that could have helped him salvage his state of mind and see a glimmer of hope even if it was a small one just to start his rehabilitation journey?

Clearly Olisa at his lowest and the end of his darkness knew that he needed to see someone but it was a priest he could reach out to but that did not help him deal with his depression because he still killed himself.

In Today’s world where we daily experience numerous global issues such as economic recessions, personal financial problems, political instability, social and family instability (separation and divorce), insecurity, abuse and violence, all these and more create heightened anxiety, fear, trauma, frustration etc thereby threatening many people’s state of mental and emotional stability. Frequent encounters and pressure from common day stressors in the workplace, family and society at large will continue to push our emotional well-being to the brinks.

Are you struggling to cope with life’s challenges and stressors? Do you know that over 21 million Nigerians are currently living with one form of mental and emotional health challenge?

According to the WHO

1) Only 20% of people suffering from depression have access or even know where to really go for help with mental and emotional health issues

2) Depression will be the world’s No 2 killer and form of disability by 2020 and the world’s No 1 killer and form of disability by 2030
The first line of help for someone else who is depressed is You!!!!

Can you spot anyone around you who has the following common symptoms of depression and immediately needs help?

1. Persistent sadness and empty feelings
2. Irregular sleeping patterns
3. Feelings of worthlessness, hopelessness and helplessness
4. Loss of passion, energy or interest in hobbies, work, life etc
5. Difficulty focusing or concentrating
6. Irregular eating or drinking habits
7. Observable mental, emotional and physical sluggishness
8. Persistent stress, aches, pains, headaches, migraines, cramps, digestive problems
9. Thoughts of suicide and death

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At OLCA, we are here to give Hope, Healing and Life.  HELP is available for Depression; Life is too valuable; Save one TODAY.

The Catalyst, Lanre Olusola
Life, Mind, Emotions & Behavioural Change Coach