In war, the first thing you need is to have a clear picture of who your enemy is.  When you know your enemy, you can now try to understand the enemy. You find his/her weaknesses and plan how to use them against him. When you can master your enemy, there is  nothing he could do to defeat you because you know all his moves even before he makes them.

Guess what? Your biggest enemy is you. Often times, you are the one who stops YOU from success, who impedes your own growth and vice versa. And a major part of that battle is fought in a common battlefield: Your Mind. So, how are you going to defeat yourself from stopping you in your achievements?

What are your weaknesses?  How can you master self? Make an outline of your weaknesses and what you have in your arsenal to destroy them. If your arsenal can’t handle the enemy, you need to go and get the necessary knowledge and training. What battle plans do you have on defeating your enemy?


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The Catalyst, Lanre Olusola.