“Who and what are you in the dark, when there’s no external encouragement, ovation or accolade?” – The Catalyst

Arya in Game of Thrones became a blind, faceless girl, stripped of everything she held onto just to find her true Essence, Path and IDENTITY. You will have to also INTENTIONALLY strip yourself of ALL worldly things, props, adornments, accolades, crutches, scaffolds, external noise etc and DIG DEEP within and introspect to find the real you.

Many are afraid to do this exercise because they may not like what and who they will meet. You need courage to do this exercise. I personally did this over the just concluded 50 days of silence series (Your own clock can start now).

When you do, you will find the real you, anyone else you entertain or strive to be is only a fake version of you . You can’t be the BEST version of yourself except with the Real Naked YOU