DAY 49 – 19th October, 2017
Principle 36 Contd – Master your Health, Wellness & Well-being – Eliminate STRESS
Empirical studies carried out on the incidence of stress among Nigerian workers by Olugbile, et al have shows that consistently high levels of stress in conjunction with other socio-economic factors have contributed to the declining performance and productivity of Nigerian workers. (Ref: An American journal of Health promotion reported that “workers with high stress were over two times more likely to have unscheduled absences 5+ days a year.”
Eliminate Workplace Stress – BAD STRESS is caused by your NEGATIVE Belief or Perception of a Situation.
Here are Some Health Issues related to BAD STRESS:
Heart and Vascular Problems, Palpitations,
High blood pressure, High cholesterol,
Weight issues, diabetes, Chronic pain,
Arthritis, Joint problems, Ibs,
Loss of Libido, Erectile dysfunction,
Chronic Depression, Migraines,
Organ dysfunction, Immunity issues etc
You Need Rest, Relaxation and Happiness:
You have to learn to be calm and relaxed, this creates a safer psychological, emotional and physical environment. This consequently ensures that you perform better, become more productive, profitable and prosperous and ultimately feel happier.
Have you been able to identify your stressors as discussed on day 48? How can you eliminate them? On the 1st of November is recognized and celebrated as Stress Awareness Day, do look out for a stress awareness event on that day.
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The Catalyst, Lanre Olusola
Behavioral Change Psychologist