Principle 36 – Master your Health, Wellness & Wellbeing – Eliminate STRESS
Health is Wealth. “95% of Disease is Caused by STRESS and 100% of STRESS is caused by a Wrong Belief” – Dr Bruce Lipton PhD
“80-90% of health challenges are preventable and accounts for approximately 90% of healthcare costs, on individuals, organizations and nations, while about 95% of this is STRESS-RELATED” – W.H.O 

Without good health you can do nothing. Take care of your health by mastering your stressors. Stress drastically reduces productivity and performance. improve your productivity and performance by mastering your stressors.

STRESS is your body’s response to its environmental Interpretations, perceptions and beliefs. The response can be both good and bad. When you feel stressed by something going on around them, your body reacts by releasing chemicals into the blood. 

The biggest problem however, is Sustained STRESS over extended periods. 
It stretches, strains and eventually breaks down your body.
Find a place, find an exercise or something you can do that will relieve you of stress. On the 1st of November is recognized and celebrated as Stress Awareness Day, do look out for a stress awareness event on that day.

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The Catalyst, Lanre Olusola
Behavioral Change Psychologist