Day 47 – 17th October, 2017
Principle 35 –  The Principle of Victory  (Winning and Reward)
Do you have the Spirit and Mind Set of Victory? Do you see yourself always as a Victor or Victim? Do you know that you’re already a winner and victorious? 
You won all the other 100million sperms cells to fertilize the egg that became you. You’re one of a kind… No one on earth has your pupils, iris, DNA. You’re a champion already, you are unique and different. Why don’t you have the mindset of a winner no matter what the situation is? 

The Mindset of a Victor 

Every time you set goals and you achieve them no matter how small celebrate your achievements and reward yourself. Failure cannot be acceptable; failure is simply feedback that you’re not yet doing what you’re supposed to be doing to deliver your victory. 
Almost should not be your report. If you already have victory, never give in or give up until you snatch what has already been given to you. Procrastination should not be your friend because it is a thief of victory. Eliminate the self sabotaging spirit of failure and procrastination and replace it with the can do spirit and the winning mentality. 
All top achievers, from sports, music, entertainment, to business go into each initiative, project, competition believing that the cup, deal, award, etc is theirs and seeing themselves winning the No 1 prize. Do the same – Every Day. 
Assure your victory, celebrate your victory; reward yourself when you win but never rest on your past glory. There are more mountains to climb; many more rivers to cross; many more victories in your future. Tomorrow’s victories must never be less than yesterday’s. 
Can you believe it’s only 3 days left in our 50 Life Lessons for 50 Days series? Wow! Share your thoughts on the series in the comments and also share how you’ve been able to practicalize some of these principles in your life.
The Catalyst, Lanre Olusola
Behavioral Change Psychologist