10th October, 2017 

Principle 32 -Build Solid Structures and Systems around your Life and Business. 

Your brand and a good name ALONE will not be enough to sustain you when difficult times, storms, trials, tribulations, troubles etc come in Life and Business and guess what? These times will SURELY come and they will come far and between, along your journey towards Success.

Your Gift or Talent alone is also not enough. What have you built to help you ride the tide? As I took my prayer walk  the other day, my eyes caught a beautiful spider just doing its own thing. The yellow and black garden spiders often build webs in areas adjacent to open sunny fields where they stay concealed and protected from the wind.

The spider can also be found along the eaves of houses and outbuildings or in any tall vegetation where they can securely stretch a web. Female Argiope aurantia spiders tend to be somewhat local, often staying in one place throughout much of their lifetime. Does this resemble your life and business story? Are you just staying in one place doing your own thing?

Consider the 6 Ps of Business Success to Create a Sustainable Business – (google my business series on The Guardian Nigeria to read more on this)
1) The PLACE (Where do you operate from, is it in close proximity to your customers and suppliers?
2) Is you PRICE right for your target audience?
3) Have you converted your Service and/or Solution into a PRODUCT?
4) Have you identified the PEOPLE for who your PRODUCT SOLVE their PROBLEMS?

…. To be continued tomorrow.


The Catalyst, Lanre Olusola
Behavioral Change Psychologist