DAY 29
Law 24. The Principle of Attraction and Responsibility
What you get is what you give. To change what you get, change what you give. The energy that you give, creates what you get. So what do you attract? Do you know that everything and every experience that is happening to you right now you attracted them? 
Everyone that is in your life right now you attracted them. Take personal responsibility and stop blaming others for where you are. Take charge of your life today. Do an attraction audit!! 

Ask Yourself : What or Who is in Your Life Right Now That : 

1. You need (keep them – positive or negative) Jesus needed Judas – don’t get rid of your Judas; they are mandated to help you fulfill your purpose. 
2. What and who don’t you need (get rid of them)
3. What and who do I have in my life right now that I despise, don’t value or don’t appreciate enough? What you despise can never be of value to you
4. What and who else do I need in my life right now to help me fulfill my purpose? What am I doing that is stopping me from attracting them? What do I need to start doing to attract them? Where are they? How can I get access to them? Study them, Pray for them, Wish the best and hope the best for them, Celebrate them, Add some value to their lives directly or indirectly.