Day 20 – 20th September, 2017


EXTRA-ordinary people understand that time is useless without timeliness. Time unfolds in 2 dimensions :

Dimension 1 – Chronos : i.e Chronological Time which is counted in Seconds, minutes, Hours, Day’s, Weeks, Months, Seasons, Years, Decades, Centuries etc

 Dimension 2 –  Kairos :  God’s Divinely Appointed Time

So do you understand times, cycles and seasons and are you able to take requisite action at its appointed TIME?  Know that there is an APPOINTED TIME for EVERYTHING under the sun. Know that Time and Chance(i.e Opportunity) is given to all but not everyone is prepared to take their chance when their times of opportunity come.

To succeed in any chosen field of endeavor, you must invest a lot of time in preparation, planning, practicing, patiently playing scenarios and being persistent so that when the time of your opportunity comes, you can seize it in its moment and take the right action in that particular moment.

Do you spend, waste or invest Time? Do you know and understand the benefits of trading in and buying time for more time? Have you mastered the art of separating Chronos from Kairos; working with and living in both?

To achieve EXTRA-ordinary success learn from the sons of Issachar. You must understand times and seasons but beyond that, you must understand Time, Chance and Appointments.  It is only when you do, that you can be PREPARED.

Can you believe it’s day 20 already? September is flying by and I hope you are not just watching but working on you goals, dreams and aspirations? Make the days count, honor time.



The Catalyst, Lanre Olusola
Behavioral Change Psychologist