I have discovered that people are struggling and will always struggle to create value In their lives, careers or businesses simply because they can’t tell the difference between their characteristics (functionalities) and their identity. Most people are getting this identity question wrong.  

Do you know that your characteristics (functionalities) are different from your identity? For example an  Apple iPhone X is the identity while things like Dual camera, Face recognition, Siri, 256 GB memory, Touch screen, 5.8″ OLED display, Glass body, Edge-to-edge display etc are its features or functionalities, these are like characteristics that we humans have.

Thinking that features, functionalities or characteristics is your identity is very wrong. This is the main difference between Apple and the rest phone manufacturers. This is the reason why the Apple Brand Value ($205.5B) has been No 1 for almost a decade. (Only recently overtaken by Amazon $315.5 billion with Apple coming second, at $309.5 billion). Still very impressive right?

The same reason why Apple phones are much more expensive than other phones. The main reason why Apple has a cult following. Apple never sell or push their features, functionalities or in human terms, characteristics like the other phone brands. Apple sell their identity and brand – They showcase their essence.

To build your brand value like Apple, you have to first know the essence for which you exist which encapsulates your identity.
So again, let me ask you: What is your IDENTITY?


The Catalyst

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