DAY 2 – 2nd September, 2017

2. Have a Life Vision and  Mission. Find your Divine Purpose.
A Life without a Vision and Mission (Purpose) is a Frustrated, Unhappy, Unfulfilled and Wasted Life. Set goals that align with your life vision and mission (Purpose).
“Without a vision a people perish”
The ONLY reason why anything exists and remains in existence is simply because it’s purpose is still relevant.
DISCOVER you Purpose. Know exactly why you’re here – to do what, for who, how, when?
Also know exactly what not to do. Focus on purpose, solve the problem you were created to solve and don’t get distracted by other things and people.
Once something becomes useless it’s TRASHED. Life is proof of relevance of purpose. Death proves the end of relevance and purpose. It is only purpose that delivers Fulfillment, Satisfaction, Joy, Peace and Prosperity ALL together.
What is your purpose? Are you walking in your purpose? Remain connected for the next 48 days as I continue to share these 50 powerful principles that I’ve seen work in the lives of the world’s greatest achievers.
The Catalyst, Lanre Olusola
Behavioral Change Psychologist