Day 13 – 13th September, 2017

Law 11 – BE A GOAL GETTER – If you want to become an EXTRA-ordinary person, you MUST have very high aspirations. 


Aspiration and action are proofs of faith. For faith without corresponding action is useless and irresponsible faith.

You MUST dare to dream.

You MUST be a visionary person

You MUST be a driver and leader

You MUST be a strategic & tactical planner

You MUST make a difference daily and add value to people’s lives

You MUST develop the habit of achieving great results

You MUST have foresight and insight


You MUST develop an incredible ability to make others See, Own, Believe in, Focus on, Run with and Consistently Deliver Results based on your common vision. Prove that you ‘believe’ by going after your dream and vision without giving up until you achieve it.

If you have not been following our 50 Life Lessons in 50 Days series, be sure to check the blog for all the posts so far. Do stay connected and invite your network on and offline to plug in too and hopefully, get inspired by these principles which I have seen work in the lives of some of the most successful people to walk the earth.


The Catalyst, Lanre Olusola
Behavioral Change Psychologist