Day 11 –  11th September 2017. 
Law 10 Part II – Having a Positive Mental Attitude (P.M.A)
Do you know that positivity creates resourcefulness and negativity kills resourcefulness? Like I always tell my students during our coaching classes at the Academy, there are no unresourceful people, there are ONLY unresourceful mindsets.

Follow these 6 Simple Exercises to Consistently Create a Positive Mindset

1) Only think in positive mindset language
Let the weak say I am strong
Let the poor say I am rich
Let the sick say I am healed
“I said I was a champion before I believed, knew and became a champion” – Muhammad Ali
2) See and only count your blessings by listing all the good things that have happened today.
3) focus only on your positive dreams in the future
4) Never dwell on the past
5) focus on what you can do each moment – Live, think, Believe and act positively in the now in each moment
6) Appreciate what you have and do what you can do but don’t worry about what you do not have yet or what you can’t do in the moment as this will only steal your moment or paralyze you in that moment.


Practice these PMA tips consistently and you will experience major changes in your life. Stay connected for the next 39 days as I continue to share the 50 powerful principles that I’ve seen work in the lives of the world’s greatest achievers. Do share this with your social media connections, friends and loved ones.

The Catalyst, Lanre Olusola
Behavioral Change Psychologist