The victory of success is half won when one gains the habit of setting and achieving goals”- Og Mandino.

Happy New Year, it’s already over 1 week into 2019! Everyone is swinging into action, some are basking in the euphoria of a new year while others are making resolutions or setting goals for 2019. Unfortunately, while many are setting goals and listing their New Year resolutions, only a few will actually achieve their goals. Most people ignore the goal setting process and put little to no effort in understanding the science and psychology of achieving their set goals.

The issue of Goal Setting is very critical in one’s life especially in a New Year. However, you have to be conscious of the factors that might prevent you from achieving your goals. Below are top 4 mistakes people make when setting their goals, which if not addressed, can hinder you from success:

1. Setting Goals that are not SMART: If your goals are not SMART, then it will not be possible to achieve them. Your goals must be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time Framed. For you to achieve your goals, you need to set specific and clear goals which are also evaluative in nature. A lot of people dream fantasy lives and set goals that are not achievable and realistic in nature. Some people do not give their goals an actualization date. Time is useless without timeliness; you must set a time-bound for your goals in order to make its actualization realistic. What never gets measured, never gets done!

2. Not having a Step-by-Step Plan: The goal setting process cannot be ignored. For you to get results, you have to follow and commit to the process. It is not possible to achieve a goal without practical strategies. Before you set a goal, you need to assess your previous goals, overcome procrastination, evaluate, discover and understand your success and failure model. These are some of the steps that you must take to achieve your goals. Do not expect the actualization of your goals without following the entire process.

3. Having no accountability partner: One of the main reasons people do not achieve their goal is because they are not accountable to anyone who will encourage them. You need to have someone who will motivate, propel and give you that extra push of support when you need it. Lastly, you have to be courageous enough to approach people who can guide you on your path.

4. Setting too many Goals at the same time: You cannot set too many goals at the same time and expect to achieve them all at once. Prioritize. What is the most important goal that you need to achieve right now? Make a priority list and follow the process to achieve your goals.


Critical Steps to achieving your 2019 goals

Every career person wants to be described as ‘successful’ but only a few know the fundamentals of having a successful career. No matter your career path or business, there are critical goal setting guidelines to follow if you are determined to be successful in your career field.

A. WRITE DOWN YOUR CAREER GOALS: The issue of writing down your goals can never be over emphasized. Writing of goals has proven to have psychological effect in making one spring into the actions required to achieve set goals. Goal clarity comes from writing your goals down; it helps you become effective in your chosen career field. When your goals are not written down, they become unstable and could depreciate over time. Writing your goals engages your mind, mentality and psychology; and importantly, it empowers you to create that successful career you have envisioned for yourself.

B. SET REALISTIC CAREER GOALS: Set goals you know you can accomplish within a stipulated time; goals you have the ability to achieve. Make sure your goals are compatible with your strength and career skills. Also, look at your present environment, situation and how your life has been few years ago; use this as a yardstick to set realistic goals for yourself in 2019.

C. LET YOUR CAREER GOALS BE SPECIFIC: Everybody wants to make more money from their career, but stating the specific amount of money you intend making, makes the ‘Money Goal’ valid. When you state the specific results you intend achieving from your goals, it makes your goals valid and measurable. Do not set vague goals; you cannot be better in 2019 if you do not specifically state what you want to achieve.

D. SET A FIXED TIME TO ACCOMPLISH YOUR CAREER GOALS: Despite writing down your career goals for 2019, you need to set a specific date to accomplish that goal. Be specific; do not say “I want to become a Chartered Accountant by 2019” write it down in the present or past tense like it has already been done. “This is the 21st of December 2019 and I am now a Chartered Accountant. I am beyond excited to receive my award as top 3 graduating students in my class”. Put a date to your career goal to make your goal come alive.

E. HAVE A LONG TERM VISION WHEN SETTING CAREER GOALS: It is impossible to set out on a journey without knowing your destination except you are battling with psychological issues. Every goal must lead you to and align with a vision. If your goal is not leading you to a vision then that goal is aimless. For example, if your vision is to become your own boss in the next five years; you need to start now to set career goals that align with your vision. Your goals can be saving a specific amount every month that will give you the financial capability to set up your own organization; undertaking some professional courses that will empower you to set up your own organization etc.

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