1421092143269WHO IS A MAN OF HONOR? Christiano Ronaldo who was yesterday HONORED as the World’s best footballer for the 3rd Time, believes that work ethic, dedication, commitment and consistency are the keys that set him apart from other players.
He validates what we have been talking about all month “HONOR”

He knows that;
HONOR from Hard/Smart Work Elevates, Promotes and Positions you as a TrailBlazer and Leader; You become and ENSIGN”

LAZINESS AND IDLENESS… Would cheat him of his Dreams

He says that; “I’ve always watched the players who had the best performance and realised one thing: what makes the difference between good players and stars is the sheer hard work”. “I’ve made mistakes but I’m happy to have committed to my craft,” he added. “I’ve become a better player and a better human being”. “I always want to be the best and I always want to be successful, that never changes. I put pressure on myself to perform.” “My main goal is to always be on top and I think I’ve been achieving that for the past 6 or 7 years. The hardest thing is to keep playing at this level for so long and that’s something I’m very proud of.
Ronaldo did not become complacent when he was HONORED with the crown the last time.

He set a goal to win the coveted crown a third time said “I’m not going to be an hypocrite though… I would love to win my third Ballon d’Or, but that’s something that doesn’t depend exclusively on me. I’ll keep doing the best I can on the pitch and we’ll see what kind of outcome we’ll have in January”

Source: www.ronaldo7.net

To Be All you were Born to Be, say this Affirmation with me
I Create a Vision and Goal
I Discover and Develop my Gift and Passion
I Believe in Yourself
I Stay Committed to being the Best
I Work Hard and Stay Focused
I Continue to Work Hard


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