Gd morn,

There is a Level of SUCCESS/WEALTH/PROSPERITY that is not a function of a promise or something you can pray for or fast for; You Get into it Through COVENANT.

No wonder certain people do sacrifices or get into all kinds of devilish covenants to make money or acquire power.

“For Everything that is real; there is a counterfeit”


1) Abraham – Through the Seed of Isaac Entered into a COVENANT with God(As a result of this today we have become covenant sons of Abraham)

2) Solomon- Offered 1000 burnt offerings (1kgs 3:3-15) as a Seed to God. He reaped a Harvest of Wealth and Wisdom Unprecedented

3) Even the poor are not EXEMPT from this covenant.
The Widow of Zaraphat sowed her last Meal and Reaped a Tangible Harvest.

The Benefits of the COVENANT of SUCCESS/WEALTH/PROSPERITY over rules any Natural laws that prevail.

Abram – Egypt – There was Famine but Abram still prospered.

So even today during this difficult economic times ! The COVENANT of SUCCESS/WEALTH/PROSPERITY can over ride your current reality Work for You.


“The Catalyst”