Gd Morn,

Here is another TRUTH about Getting into and SUSTAINING this Next Level of God’s COVENANT of Wealth and Riches?


What you’re GRATEFUL for you attract more of; The more GRATEFUL you are the more FULL of it you become.

What you are Anxious about, Despise or Resent you attract more of; The more anxious, despiteful and resentful you are the more FULL of it you get.

The More Anxious you are about not having enough money to meet specific needs the more Lack you have in those need areas.

Focus on and be GRATEFUL for having enough money to meet certain needs, dailly be THANKFUL to God for these and JOYFULLY Handover your other areas of need to Him.

PICTURE the day when you have more than enough and live in ABUNDANCE. Start being GRATEFUL and THANKFUL for these days in ADVANCE.

FILL your mind with this Image and your Heart with its corresponding feeling.

And watch yourself become a MONEY MAGNET.

Do this Continually…Let it become Your Lifestyle.

WEALTHY people are not Anxious or worried about their needs being met….They Think Feel and Live Abundance and Plenty

No wonder they never Lack and they seem to have more.

Solomon Entered into this Great Covenant of Wealth because he showed his GRATITUDE by giving God 1,000 Burnt Offerings in one day….

Imagine what that took….

Are you that GRATEFUL to God for your Breath, Circumstances and Life?

May the Spirit of GRATITUDE Rest upon and work through you from today IJN.AMEN


“The Catalyst”