Gd morn,

Do not Covet your Neighbour’s talent, gifts, life, experience, outcomes etc the bible seems to be saying in one of the 10 Commandments.

“You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife(husband/girlfriend/boyfriend), or his manservant or maidservant (staff), his ox or donkey(car), or ANYTHING that belongs to your neighbor”.
~ Exodus 20:17 (NIV)

To “covet” means setting one’s thoughts and desires on things that are forbidden to you and belong to others; When you have yours.

We are ALL daily GUILTY of breaking this commandment as we COMPARE ourselves with others and Seek to Acquire and Have what they have..This is one of the ultimate signs of lack of Gratitude to God.

What about who you are and what you have???
How about being thankful for who you are and what you have???
How about focusing on what you are doing instead?

CONTENTMENT is a Secret Weapon that can ELIMINATE most Evil thoughts and desires based on covetousness … It is at The Heart of Gratitude.

So the next time you’re tempted to think:

My friends/some people are:

Getting married.
Getting good jobs.
Living in Porsche areas.
Buying new cars.
Building houses.
Set…as in have very nice figures (slim and all)

The next time you’re thinking my friends/some people are this……and that……

Think instead of your friends/people that are:

In the mortuary
In the grave
In psychiatric homes
Roaming the streets doing nothing
jobless and hungry
People that are blind, lame, deaf, disabled……….
In jail.

Even though You think you are not where you wish to be yet…Who says your time is the same as that of your friends and that of your friends the same as yours?

God has a Plan and Time for Each Person..Seek His face for understanding like the sons of Isaachar.

Know your Times and Seasons and break FREE from this PROBLEM of Covetousness.

Understand that You are here and alive because of God’s GRACE and MERCY.

He has a Unique Plan….Purpose….Time and Season for You.SEEK HIM for these !!!!!

LORD Open our eyes to see and our minds to comprehend your Plans and Purpose for us.
Grant us the heart of Contentment and Gratitude for who you created us to BE, what we are Wired to do and for what you have Blessed us with.
We Receive GRACE NOW to use all Resources available to us Excellently to the Glory of your holy name…IJN. AMEN


“The Catalyst”