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My radio program last thursday 6th Sept @5pm on insp fm was very interesting as a lot of people sent in their comments and personal experiences with Conflicts in Relationships by text.

Here are some of their comments:

“CONFLICT is Normal. How you Resolve this is the Key to your Life’s Experiences”

Just because two people disagree or argue, doesn’t mean that they;

*Are bad people
*Don’t love each other
*Love each other less.

Also just because two people don’t argue, or are in agreement on an issue doesn’t mean they love each other.

“With arguing, love isn’t necessarily the issue, respect & maturity is”…

“Whether there’s love or not, if there’s mutual respect and maturity (where standing down is for peace), then arguing or disagreement can be just for the sake of it and not to win, lose or oppress”.

“I try to always attain peace in a conflict situation, by trying to be more Christ-like ie having a spirit of a servant, serving others”.

“I try avoiding contention, but if I find myself in such a situation, I try to ensure love remains amidst the anger & raised voices”.

“We’re all God’s creatures and deserve a modicum of respect irrespective of age or gender”

Here are some practical tips we got from listeners on getting/giving respect and resolving conflicts.

*Greet your Spouse whether they greet you or not

*Don’t raise your voice in anger in an argument as you’ve already lost to emotions without getting your point across calmly

*Choose to give the benefit of the doubt until one’s true intentions have been made categorically clear via words or actions

*Avoid making decisions while emotional

*Choose to be humble, treating your spouse as if they are more important than yourself*Smile more, laugh more, love more, forgive more, say thank you and pls more

*Exercise humility!!!

*Stop being so focused on who you think you are than what you truly are and realize we’re no better than anyone else

*Control your impulses and the negative influences we allow in our lives.

I Believe that:

We are ALL Work in progress, I’m also Learning to Live this by Experience; We can’t give up until we perfect it and become better people.

“The tragedy of life is not that man loses, but that he almost wins”
~Haywood Broun.

We ALL Need to Consistently Work on Ensuring that We Develop Conflict Resolution Skills.

“No man is an Island; Nobody can Achieve ANYTHING alone; We NEED People: Especially our Loved ones”

“Don’t give up, Even when it seems like you’ve failed temporarily; Forgive, Begin again; Keep on trying”

How many times will I try? Someone seems to be asking…….

…….70 x 70 times a day is the prescribed doseBased on discussions I had a while ago with some friends on bb, here are more Comments on Conflict Resolution in Relationships:

“I do think that people who love each other argue a lot, because they never find anything to fight about and sometimes they get into heated arguments just to find a reason to make up with sex”
~Eve ‎​

“Arguments are inevitable in relationships, its how we handle/manage those arguments that is important”
~ ‎​Beatrice

“Those who don’t argue are either extra ordinary people or they are both pretenders”.

“I agree, but I often think that the whole arguing thing is misconstrued. “Peace” in a relationship can sometimes be overrated, as well as being bloody boring!
~Femi Atilade

“Why do people argue in the first instance? Argument for me is a powerful way of expressing oneself emotionally; now these emotional expressions vary with a loved one, friend, family or boss; for me I have no business with anybody I can’t have a healthy argument with”
~ ‎​Hadjia

“Argument ensues ONLY with people you have opened an emotional account with; Afterall what’s the point otherwise”


“The Catalyst”