Written By: Wole Olusola 

There is an innate desire to succeed in every man and that’s why we all desire it. Success has so many definitions. To many people, Success is all about making money etc. If we use different definitions of Success, we would be doing the concept of Success a great disservice. In order to avoid this, we would go for a simple definition that encapsulates what Success is and this is, “Success is the achievement of a set goal.”


This definition makes Success all encompassing, fulfilling, progressive and focused. All-encompassing because you can set goals for every area of your life; finances, career, marriage etc. Fulfilling because when the goal is achieved it gives you a sense of fulfilment and you look forward to the next goal. Progressive, because Success is not a destination; it is an adventure. Finally, Success breeds focus because when goals are set, you have a picture of what to look forward to and it helps you not to under achieve.

There are some fundamental principles that govern the attainment of Success and these are the things that prepare you for it.

1.      Success is a choice. You must choose to succeed and once you make that choice, you do not need anyone’s approval.

2.      Success is not an exclusive club. Some people believe that being successful has to do with your colour, your race your back ground etc. and this kind of thinking already excludes them from being able to succeed. Anyone can succeed and the only thing you need to succeed is desire.

3.      Success is a personal responsibility. No one can succeed for you no matter how much they love you. It is something you have to do yourself. Success is your personal responsibility.

4.      Success is a mind-set. The human mind is powerful and controls everything in our lives. The desire to succeed starts with the right mind-set. If you do not see yourself succeeding first in your mind, then you will not succeed. What is within is what determines what is on the outside.

5.      Success is not measured by money. “Success is the achievement of a set goal.” This means that it is not only until you have money that you are successful. A student who sets a goal to pass his examinations with distinctions and achieves it is successful as it were.

6.      Success is not a function of luck. Success is a function of deliberate steps well taken. If there is anything like luck at all, it would only work for those who have set proper goals in place to succeed.

With all that has been said therefore, if you want financial success here is what to do.

 You will succeed. Wole Olusola


Wole Olusola
Wole Olusola


Wole Olusola is a Pastor and a success Coach. He believes that success is your personal responsibility and no one can succeed on your behalf no matter how much they love you. He had a career spanning twelve years in First Bank Plc, Guaranty Trust Bank Plc and BGL Plc. The Senior Pastor of The Iconic Life Church, Wole  is married to Ololade and their union is blessed with two lovely children.

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