Written By: Ogochukwu Ashiru

There are so many vitamins and minerals that are important for good health and energy to enjoy exceptional productivity and performance in different aspects of your life. Important for proper functioning of the body and its organs are nutrients like Vitamins A,D,E,K, potassium, manganese, zinc B-complex  etc; however there is one nutrient that a lot of people do not really give enough consideration and attention to. People, especially men try to underplay its importance and its existence and tend to shy away from it.  I like to refer to this vitamin as vitamin L; Vitamin Love.

Vitamin L

Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden, where the flowers are dead ~ Oscar Wilde

Love which is an element of a true, wholesome relationship is very important for the well being of every human. Do you remember a time in your life when you were so much in love that you felt like you were floating on air, you felt empowered and you could conquer whatever you put your mind to? You were so drunk in love that food and most other things seemed secondary. Suddenly you felt you were invincible and all was well with the world. Love gives you wings! Wings that can make you soar at your very best.

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage ~Lao Tzu

Other than that nice feeling that love gives, Love nourishes and nurture’s you into being productive and directs your  mind into doing what you ought to be doing.

Five Things Love Will Do For You:

  1. It will make you more productive by making you more energetic and wired to go
  2. It will ward off stress by increasing dopamine (happy hormone) levels in your body
  3. It will help you lose weight and stay fit because your desire for unhealthy cravings will diminish
  4. It will help you look younger, more attractive and reduce belly fat because your stress levels will be reduced
  5. It will give you a sense of self -worth and fulfillment.

There are two major chemicals at play when love is involved. They are dopamine and oxytocin.  In neuroscience, it is recognized that these two chemicals are also involved in addictions, be it to food or drugs. An increase in the love sensation causes dopamine to rise which is also the same reaction as when one takes drugs or sugar. It gives one a happy feeling hence it is known as the “happy hormone”. Oxytocin the other hormone is released into a mother’s system when she hears her baby cry and it tells the mother to lactate and produce milk through a series of neurochemical reactions between the mother’s brain and her mammary glands. Oxytocin is also released into our systems, when we are involved in behaviors like cuddling, touching or kissing. Essentially, it is that feeling you have when you want someone to cuddle and “hang out” with. It results in more of an emotional attachment.  The release of these chemicals in the brain is a natural occurrence and is the same reason why people try to substitute drugs, foods and sugar for an absence of love in their lives.

Where there is Love, there is life ~ Mahatma Gandhi

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Ogo profile_edit Ogochukwu Kemdibe Ashiru  is a Health and wellness coach. A registered nurse with over 10- years  experience of working in the healthcare industry treating patients and providing care and counsel for  senior citizens, substance abusers, HIV/AIDS sufferers and patients in the Intensive Care Unit  (ICU).Her Niche market is working mothers and young women, with a focus on helping them    live fulfilling and fruitful lives.

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