Written by Francis Aronu

sexy salesman

‘Sexy’ in this context connotes attractiveness, appeal like what Presidents Obama, Reagan and       Kennedy over the American Public that gave them victories in The ‘sexy’ salesman puts up a  show like Michael Jackson and Beyoncé who though reserved naturally seem to have another  personality while on stage.
A person that attracts, has appeal to his customers like the sexy person connotes sex appeal, so the sales man has salesmanship appeal to attract.

The characteristics of the ‘ sexy’ salesman are as follows:
      1) The first characteristics is that he genuinely loves people, He is fascinated by rejection not  repulsed by it. To be an appealing salesman that people will want to buy from you  regardless of the products you are selling is to love people. Loving your customers         genuinely helps you to think of the best way to add value to them. If you are selling honey for instance, the way you package the honey, present it .
2) He is comfortable with his personality. It may shock you that reserved people also make very good salesmen. The most attractive salesmen are original. What matters is  how you can make and build relationships with your customers using your personality. A salesman can be reserved but he goes out of his way to relate with customers, he serves as their consultant
3) he is interested in the life of the customers
4) he comes across as a trusted salesman who keeps his word and bond.
5) he mirrors the individual he is talking to. he follows you according to your Behavior.

6) he observes other people around the customer, especially people who have an excellent relationship with the customer in question it could be competitors and learn what pleases the customer.

6)he speaks the language of the customer.
7) he does not sell product features but how the product will satisfy the customer using pictorial words

He is a relationship builder and looks for opportunity to please the customer.
He does not take no for an answer but he is not pushy about it
He uses his core strength as a basis of attraction.
He goes the extra mile
He may be an introvert or extrovert but the salesmanship part of him always comes up when he has to sell. He puts up a good performance like Michael Jackson or Beyoncé.

He has a distinctive value that brings out the salesmanship in him.

He listens to every word and observes his environment.

Have the mindset that you have overcome.

Be on ground with your customers.

Finish the selling process before starting.

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