Written by Bashir Abolore Muse

rich man poor man


From the time immemorial, the world has been and remained a bipolar entity. As all things exist in two forms; Good or Bad, True or False, White or Black, Yes or No and the list goes on and on. The battle for supremacy is forever going to persist as long as human exist. It is an obvious truth that no one can be adjudged a winner if there is no one willing to accept defeat. There is always two sides to a coin.

In the same vein, elementary economics recognises the law of demand and supply. And as humans, we play key role as either a consumer or a producer to ensure complete matrix of economic distribution of wealth. And this singularly define us as either a Mugun or a Maga. The concept of Mugu and Maga is from the African economic distribution of wealth. And the terms are defined as follows:

A Mugu is someone that meets both his basic and aesthetic needs of life with his hard earned money with a resultant decrease in asset and increase in liability.

And a Maga is an individual or a corporation that provides an essential service or product that supply the basic and aesthetic need of life to people with resultant appreciation (Mostly in cash) for the product sold or service rendered, thereby increasing his asset and reducing his liability.


As important and sacred as our roles maybe, we have the natural instinct to tend towards one side more than the other. We are either a Magnanimous Mugu or Meritorious Maga. Where does this leave you? It is a function of asking the fundamental question of WHO AM I? Am I a Mugu or a Maga?

There is no right or wrong position here. In fact your position is pendulous as you play Mugu today fattening your Maga’s  purse, you also play Maga the next moment provided you have another Mugu willing to water your garden too. Maga or Mugu is a function of choice and how you choose to play the game of Money. The lesson here is not to be a perpetual Mugu at the detriment of your “wealth-being”.


Below are the traits and characteristic of The Mugu and The Maga.

10 Traits of a Mugu

  1. Most Mugus are book smart
  2. Mugu spends his personal money all the time for all he desires
  3. Mugu buy liabilities (what takes money from their pocket) as pleasure
  4. Junior Mugu live below their means and senior Mugun live above their means and remain in debt perpetually
  5. Mugu work for money and send it to the Maga’s Bank (pocket)
  6. Mugu live with fear of criticism and thus conforms most time to societal pressure
  7. Mugu most importantly live in denial of their true identity (Ignoramus = i.e state of not knowing that you don’t know)
  8. Mugu loves a well-oiled system and willing to service the system with his money
  9. Most Mugus fetch water with bucket or buy from a tanker
  10. Finally, Mugu run after butterfly (Money) with a net to catch as many as he can

10 Traits of a Maga

  1. Most magas are street-smart
  2. They are very good in using the other People (Money, Time, Brains, etc)
  3. They always invest in Assets (what bring money to their pocket)
  4. Magas always know how to Print Money Legally
  5. Magas send money errands while they have fun
  6. Magas lives with independent mind and bother with no criticism of any sort
  7. Magas knows their weakness and quickly play to their strength to cover it up and most time, people does not know.
  8. Magas love to build a functional system that brings cash to him effortlessly
  9. Magas dig bore holes and supply water to the tankers (Junior Mugu) that eventually supply the Consumer Senior Mugu
  10. And Finally, Maga builds a garden (system) and butterfly (cash) comes naturally to his garden, pollinate the flower and the Maga just relaxes and catch butterfly (money) at will.

Lastly if you choose to ask questions or not from this post, it is a function of whether you are a Mugu or a Maga. You know the answer…


bashBashir Abolore Muse is a UK trained and certified Life and Business Coach, Workplace Psychologist and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner with a niche in Business&Executive Coaching. He is the Chief Coach and Lead Consultant of True Potential Coaching and Consulting Limited.

He is a certified SME Toolkit Trainer, developed by the  International Finance Corporation (IFC) of  the World Bank. In a 5 year of research work, he developed Bash4Cash Model of Success and Significance. The Model is widely used to support individual on the rung of the corporate ladder and entrepreneur championing a new path to have both financial freedom and fulfilment of purpose in life.

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