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My name is Coach Remi Dairo; my clients call me MR PRODUCTIVITY! I am a personal Productivity Coach.  At this forum I will be exposing to you how sex powers productivity! Yes,
sex (love making) can change your productivity! Do you have problem connecting sex to work? Do you think sex is a waste of time? Do you have problem with your love making and your performance at work? Then you are on the right page.

In my personal research I discovered sex with productivity is one of the issues facing families today! Some think “if I run away from sex I will be more productive” I bring good news to you; your sex life can change your productivity! Some couples see sex as weakening and they rather abstain if they want to be more productive the next day. Bellow are 3 ways sex can turn around your productivity: 1. It increases workplace productivity:
Experts say that a good night sex can result to a good day at work! Researchers reveal that during love making there is secretion of “Serotonin” hormone that enables man to think better and faster! This hormone improves impulse sent to the brain and as a result increases
productivity at work. After sex, some men feel more loved and desirable which result to
boosting their confidence and self worth to face the day work vigorously! The discovery here is, when you have good sex “Serotonin” hormone is produced and this hormone is key to your performance at work. Some couples who have their house close go home during break time to have a “quick-one” when they discover they are lacking the hormone to perform at work (Funny, isn’t it? But its true)

2. It reduces “workplace stress”:
Many times when there is stress at work, productivity becomes sluggish and tiring. Sex between couples produces “Endorphins” hormone which produces happiness that relaxes and relieve man from all stress! (researched) Sex is a relieve pill that can never be found in any drug stores! Good sex makes woman looks youthful and attractive with charismatic energy to perform at work! Remember we are talking about sex between married couples here; this kind of love making produces a happy hormone that heals the body of stress. Some of the workplace stress would disappear in the atmosphere of regular sex exercise. When you come back from work and you are stressful and having head ache of any kind, before you visit the pharmacy try to visit your couple in the bedroom you will discover another way of workplace stress reliever.

3. It heals the body to perform better:
Sex revitalizes and heal the body from toxins that can hinder productivity! During sex the heart beat faster and the blood pumps faster, more oxygen gets into the cell by this process many toxic
substances are flushed out of the body system. Experts say that love making between intimate couples can reduce the chances of cancer infections in the family! It is a good thing to know that some of the cobwebs of productivity; that stops your body from working can die during. There are great benefits your body would get from a good sex life with your couple that will invariably increase your productivity in the workplace.

Please note, the sex we are talking about here is between married couples, any love making outside marriage can create problems and “head-aches” that can affect your productivity negatively! So for married couples go for HOT sex it is a gateway for maximum productivity in life and workplace.


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Remi Dairo is a UK certified Life Coach (with focus on personal Productivity). Also a certified Workplace Psychologist, (UK) Remi is an Internationally  recognized speaker with the message of productivity. He is the author of the bestselling  productivity book titled “Product-Activity: 12 keys to unleash human performance”

The principal Consultant of SOLVERE WORD-CONSULT (a productivity consulting organization). Remi Dairo also doubles as the President of the highly acclaimed SCHOOL OF PRODUCTIVITY, an initiative set up to raise a highly productive workforce that will build our Nations’ economy.

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