Written By Lanre Olusola 

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Nobody can achieve anything all by themselves

No man is an island

We need relationships to ‘BeAllWeWereBornToBe’

From my works over the years, I have come to realize that relationships fail and marriages break up not because of love lost but because couples do not understand each other’s needs; don’t know how to meet these needs and/or can’t be bothered to meet each other’s needs

This morning I want to speak to the women about how to meet the needs of their men and in the evening I will speak to the men about how to meet the needs of their women


Here are 30 Quick tips on How To Manage Your Man’s Needs In A Relationship

  1. Let him know he is important to you
  2. Ask for his help
  3. Try to understand his reasons even when you disagree
  4. Let go of the trivial things
  5. Tell him you love and respect him
  6. Give him space for recreation with his male friends
  7. Trust him and give no room for doubts
  8. Avoid conflicts when you go out together
  9. “Pay attention, encourage and commend him on his positive attitudes and actions and dwell less on the negative. “
  10. “Be interested in what is important in his life, his essence”
  11. “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach””, feed him by cooking for him.”
  12. “Even if he is not performing so much, always praise him.”
  13. Show and welcome him with love when he comes home
  14. “Don’t choke him, give him space to unwind from a long day of work”
  15. Give him time alone
  16. “Give him a foot, neck and body massage when he is stressed”
  17. Let him know he is important by seeking advice from him
  18. Compliment him on his apperance and also suggest and recommend outfits he could wear
  19. Forgive him if he offends you
  20. Appreciate him for providing and for his hard work
  21. “Allow him to be in charge, it massages his ego”
  22. Sing his praises always
  23. Support him spiritually by praying for him and helping him connect with God
  24. Respect him and sing his praises publicly and privately
  25. Be his helper in whatever way he needs it
  26. Consult him before making any important decisions
  27. Never argue over money and don’t pressure when he can’t provide enough
  28. Don’t expect him to notice every little thing you do
  29. Be sexually available
  30. Help him accomplish his goals

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